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    Valentine's Day

    There's a lot to love this year. Treat yourself to a funny Valentine's Day tee or get your significant other a V-Day t-shirt to show them you care!

    Shop Valentine's Day T-Shirts

    Nerdy Shirts Valentine's Day collection has t-shirts to show your love or hate for Cupid and his arrow. Whether you have a loved one or do not, we have hilarious relationship tees to help everyone feel better.

    For anyone with an ice-cold heart, we have funny Valentines Day tops for you to show you could care less. Our cool tee, LOVE STINKS tee with a skunk, has black to match the color of your heart. Other anti-Valentine gifts include I Believe In Annoyed At First Sight, two LOVE BITES styles, Not Today Cupid, and NACHO VALENTINE. We also carry FORGET LOVE I'D RATHER FALL IN, and you can choose from PIZZA, WINE, TACOS, and BEER.

    Nerds will always be our in our heart, and we also have geeky graphic designs. Choose sarcastic gifts for your wife or girlfriend! Our cool, nerdy t-shirt, I'll Steal Your Heart, shows two skeletons standing next to each other, with one holding a heart.  This works as a great present for your Husband, dad or boyfriend.

    If you love someone and food, our LET'S CUDDLE & EAT retro-looking t-shirts come in NACHOS, PIZZA, and TACOS. Other prints for those in love include HE'S (or SHE) MY OTTER HALF and the offensive, SHE'S THE BUN TO MY WIENER. We also an assortment for your mom, dad and new lover!

    Show how much your love yourself by wearing our I Love Me shirt with an 80's vibe. We also carry novelty Candy Heart t-shirts that say YOU'LL DO or PIZZA. Other funny shirts include BEER IS MY VALENTINE, Snack, or SINGLE TAKEN HUNGRY. Dog lovers can wear our novelty tees like I PUGGIN LOVE YOU and LOVE Paw.