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    Flip Tees

    Our hilarious flip up tees have been a crowd pleaser for years. Get yourself a funny flip tee today and watch as the laughs pour in.

    Shop Flip T-Shirts

    Nerdy Shirts wants people to flip out and have a few laughs! Our hilarious tops flip over your head to turn you into something scary for Halloween!  Just pull the tee over your head and you’ve got a crazy mask instantly! These make funny gifts for Christmas as well. 


    From offensive designs including ASK ME ABOUT MY COCK or NUTS. Our hilarious COCK tee shows a rooster, and NUTS has a squirrel. Another humor saying is ASK ME ABOUT MY ADHD HIGHWAY TO HEY LOOK, A SQUIRREL.


    A camel appears when flipping our Guess What Day It Is top.  ASK ME WHY I’M LAZY has a sloth appear. Dinosaur geeky tees include two styles the famous ASK ME ABOUT MY T-REX and RAPTOR. Shark lovers can create waves with our fun Jaws or Jawsome graphic designs!


    Men with facial hair, we have a mustache flip and one that lets you instantly grow a beard.  Anyone looking for Big Foot can find him on our Sasquatch top and HAS ANYONE SEEN A YETI? If lunar phases fascinate you we have a scary werewolf mask as well.


    Turn into a Koala bear, polar bear or just get a hug!  From the artic where penguins swim to the Savannah where giraffe’s run free!  We can bring you to the farm with a hilarious goat flip.  Or the llama and cow prints always bring a smile.


    Dog lovers can wear our novelty clothing.  From the Wiener to a Boston Terrier and Pug!   How could we forget a Corgi!  Cat lovers can wear our ASK ME ABOUT MY KITTY tee with a kitten.


    We also carry designs for women and children.