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    What better place to shop for funny nerdy tees than right here at NerdyShirts.com!?

    Shop Nerdy T-Shirts

    Living up to our name Nerdy Shirts, we offer cool apparel that offers comfort and expression. Show off your intellect in one of our geeky tees that deliver sarcasm and revenge of the nerdy!

    Chemistry nerds, check out our mixture of dorky t-shirts! Our novelty periodic table top let you show off your atomic personality. Our geeky tees for your teacher include Element of Nerdy, Element of Beer, Father Periodic Table or Element of Stealth Ninja. If you want a funny shirt our NOBLE GASES may be the right fit for you and the crazy sock version as well. If you do not want to blind anyone choose our retro 80’s tee, STAND BACK I’M GOING TO TRY SCIENCE of which we have a guy’s hoodie version as well.

    These make the perfect gift for Video gamers! Be sure to buy the classic humorous saying ITS DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE TAKE THIS graphic t-shirt.  Whether you are the Worlds Okayest Gamer or just looking for a good joke!

    English nerds can show what drives them crazy with our sarcastic tee; I’m silently correcting your grammar.  We even carry a novelty shirt for teachers that says, TEACHING IS MY SUPER POWER.

    If you have a fascination with outer space, wear our crazy apparel; RIGHT NOW I’M IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY!  Choose from BEST HUSBAND IN THE GALAXY, DAD, or WIFE.

    We also carry a humorous t-shirt ASK ME WHY I’M LAZY which shows your stomach and a sloth after flipping it. Nerdy wants you to embrace your inner or outer nerd with our tees! We see nothing wrong with being a geek!