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    Republican or Democrat - Nerdy Shirts is here to deliver you the most hilarious political shirts ever. Make fun of a rival party or support your own in a funny US politics t-shirt.
    RIOT Men's Tshirt RIOT Men's Tshirt
    From $9.99

    Shop Politics T-Shirts

    Ugh, politics. Regardless of your views, Nerdy Shirts has your back.

    Everywhere you look, you see politics come into discussions and debates. Break up the serious and negative energy with a hilarious tee. Our ASK ME WHY I’M HONEST Flip T-Shirt shows Abe Lincoln after flipping.

    Do you find yourself disgruntled with the government? Show it with our sarcastic political tees; THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, which shows the Capitol Building. We also carry these anti-political graphic t-shirts, RESIST, RIOT, and a REVOLUTION FIST.

    Show an actual quote by wearing our nerdy Trump Genius Quote top and see if anyone fact checks you. Also, get geeky with our FEMINISM Definition novelty design.

    Instead of taking a rude and offensive approach in the political arena, wear t-shirts with a positive message. We carry three styles of our graphic tee, NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED which we offer on a racerback and a mug. Other uplifting cool shirts include EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN and RISE UP and be BRAVE.

    Some sarcastic political t-shirts we have include UNITED STATES OF IMMIGRANTS and SHAME SHAME SHAME.

    Nerdy Shirts also offers Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day apparel that feature The Donald. Choose from our retro-looking MAKE Saint Patricks Day Great Again or our sarcastic Trump St PATRICKS DAY A CELEBRATION OF IMMIGRATION. For Christmas, wear our funny Trump tee; CHRISTMAS WILL BE YUUUGE! Also check out MAKE CHRISTMAS GREAT AGAIN Ugly Sweater!

    No matter whehther you need a republican graphic.  A cool liberal t-shirt or have conservative views we try to have clothing to please everyone and be respectful.