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    Shop funny science themed tees. Hundreds of funny gifts for nerds and science teachers!

    Shop Science T-Shirts

    Nerdy Shirts offers an assortment of crazy science t-shirts for any geek or teacher you may know. Smarty pants can now wear cool tees in their world of nerdom!

    Wear some poetry in motion by rocking our retro 80’s tees; STAND BACK I’M GOING TO TRY SCIENCE or SCIENCE LIKE MAGIC IT’S REAL. You may gravitate towards our vintage nerdy shirt; I’m Not Lazy I’m Overflowing With Potential Energy.

    Math dorks can add to their wardrobe with one of our novelty graphic tank tops. Analyze and choose from funny tops such as MATH: The Only Subject That Counts, MATH Mental Abuse To Humans and 5 Out Of 4 People Struggle With Math!

    Chemistry geeks can get people to react by wearing our funny nerdy tee, I TRY TO TELL CHEMISTRY JOKES BUT THERE IS NO REACTION. Cool graphics include Father Periodic Table, Mother Periodic Table and the Element of Bacon!

    Geologists rock our fun graphic mug, GEOLOGY ROCKS! We also carry nerdy science shirts for St. Patrick’s Day including, PADDY YOUR SHAM ROCKS OFF, I Clover Shamrocks, and IRISH, with the second I showing voltage.

    Dinosaur-loving dads can check out our DADASAURUS geeky gift. Also, wear on Christmas our T-Rex Dinosaur Snack Ugly Christmas Sweater Hoodie.

    We make it easy to find cool tees for two difficult subjects, Science and Math. We hope we help solve some of your wardrobe problems with our fun ideas for Back to School.